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    Modilac Veggie Growing-up :

    Expert in vegetable protein for 10 years, Modilac now offers the first vegetable alternative to growing-up milks. Formulated with pediatricians, it is now available.


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    • Discover the Modilac Expert Rice range

      for babies with Cow's Milk Protein Allergy

      For 10 years we have developed a unique know-how on cow's milk protein allergy. This allows us to assist you and to propose solutions to meet the nutritional needs of baby in case of CMPA and/or lactose intolerance.

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      • Discover Modilac Doucéa 2

        The only infant milk in France containing lactoferrin, a protein naturally present in breast milk.
        Made in France, palm oil free.


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        • The lactoferrin

          Naturally present in breast milk, lactoferrin is a protein with remarkable features. Come and discover its role in baby's immunity and digestive system development. 

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          Our expertise

          • 31/05/2019

            The benefits of breastfeeding

            Breastfeeding is recommended up to the age of 6 months. It offers unique advantages, including a composition that adapts to your baby’s needs. It…

          • 31/03/2019

            Starting complementary feeding

            From birth to 6 months, babies are fed almost exclusively with milk. After that, their digestive system is a little more mature and they can begin…

          Parents Talk

          between-parents Modilac


          Because no one is more suitable then you to talk about experiences with yours baby, we invite you to share so that you can help other parents in their daily lives.


          Our Commitments

          For over 35 years we have believed that taking care of babies also means preserving the environment in which they will grow and thrive.

          This is why we focus on a French production for our infant milk powder, with 100% French milk.

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