Do you have any questions about our products, their use or questions relating to our brand? Because we are always ready to listen to you, you will find here a list of frequently asked questions to help you in your daily life with baby.


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Products : 


Is growth milk essential for my baby?

The nutritional needs of babies between 1 and 3 years old are still very important and are different from those of an adult. It is therefore preferable to favour specific infant formulas or "growth milks", which are more suitable for young children than cow's milk. 
Modilac Doucéa Growth, Modilac Doucéa Night Growth and Modilac Doucéa Vanilla Growth formulas contain : 
- Iron to contribute to good cognitive development.
- Vitamins A, C and D which contribute to the normal functioning of the immune system.
- Essential fatty acids, including alpha-linolenic acid (Omega 3) which contributes to brain development.
- Zinc, which contributes to the normal growth of young children.


Do you offer palm-oil-free infant milks?

The infant milks in the Modilac Doucéa, Bio and Actigest ranges are palm oil-free. 


Is it possible to add Modilac organic cereals to breast milk?

Yes, Modilac organic cereals can be added to breast milk.


Can Modilac organic cereals be added in a thickened formula?

It is possible to add Modilac organic infant cereals in a thickened formula. However, if you wish to add Modilac Organic Cereal to a thickened formula, the use of a bowl with a spoon is more suitable than taking a bottle. The quantity of cereal can also be adapted according to the desired texture. 


Are there traces of milk in Modilac organic cereals?


Modilac organic cereals are made on a site that also makes cereals with milk. They may therefore contain traces of milk.


I can't find a measuring spoon when I open my milk can, is this normal?

The measuring spoons are located on top of the powder. However, they may fall into the powder during transport or storage. If there is no measuring spoon on top of the powder, you can look for it with a clean utensil.





Ingredients : 


What is lactoferrin?

Lactoferrin is a protein naturally present in breast milk. Its presence in infant formulas marketed in France is exclusive to Modilac. In fact, we extract our lactoferrin from cow's milk of French origin thanks to our know-how, which allows us to keep its functionalities. 


Where does the milk used in your powdered infant formula come from?

The milk for our infant formula powders is collected in Normandy and in the Charentes Poitou area.


What is DHA? 

DHA is a fatty acid called essential fatty acid which is present in breast milk. The addition of DHA in infant formulas and follow-on formulas has become compulsory in France since February 2020.


What is ARA? 

ARA is an essential fatty acid found in breast milk. Infant regulations authorise the supplementation of infant formulas with ARA.




Bottle preparation


What precautions should be taken when preparing a bottle?

Reconstituted milk is a fragile medium that can quickly deteriorate, so it is important to take precautions when preparing a bottle.

- Make sure that your bottle, cap and teat are cleaned and/or sterilised (sterilisation is only recommended for infant formula). 

- Wash your hands thoroughly before preparing a bottle.

- Prepare the bottle just before feeding. Once prepared, it is recommended to consume it within one hour.

- Discard the rest of the bottle if it is not finished, do not reuse it.


Under what conditions can I store my bottle?

It is advisable to prepare the bottle just before consumption and to discard the rest of an unfinished bottle. However, if you wish to prepare a bottle in advance, it can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 4-5 hours.


How can I avoid lumps with thickened formulas?

To avoid the appearance of lumps, it is advisable to heat the water to around 40-45°C and shake the bottle vigorously until the powder has completely dissolved. Before taking the bottle, make sure you also check the temperature on the back of your hand to avoid the risk of burns.


How long can I keep my bottle of milk once I have opened it?

Once opened, the can can be stored for a maximum of 4 weeks, well closed, in a cool, dry place.


Is it possible to mix two different baby milks? 

It is not recommended to mix two different baby milks, even if they come from the same brand, as this can create a nutritional imbalance.








Why are the 1st age and anti-regurgitation formulas not listed on your website?

In accordance with regulations, we cannot advertise infant formulas (1st age formulas). Breast milk is the ideal food for infants, which is why you cannot find these formulas on our website.

Similarly, the new regulations on formulas specially developed for the special needs of infants, such as regurgitation, do not allow us to advertise these products


Where can I find your products near me?

The ""Where can I find our products?"" section on the product sheets of our website will enable you to find the various points of sale offering our products as close as possible to your home.


Where are Modilac products sold?

All our Doucéa, Actigest and Organic formulas, and our Organic infant cereals are sold in supermarkets and pharmacies as well as on our online shop or on e-commerce sites. 

Specific formulas in case of special needs for your child (e.g. regurgitation) are offered exclusively in pharmacies or online pharmacies





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