le lait infantile un choix difficile

Infant formula: a difficult choice!

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A formula tailored to your baby’s age

That is the number 1 priority to take into account in order to be certain that the formula will provide baby with all the nutrients required depending on his stage of development.

First-stage milk, also called “infant formula” is for babies from birth to 6 months, second-stage formula ("follow-on milk") is for babies from 6 to 12 months and 3rd-stage formula ("growing-up milk") is for babies and toddlers aged 12 to 36 months.

The essential ingredients 

  • Vitamins A, C and D, which contribute to normal immune system function.
  • Essential fatty acids, including α-linolenic acid from the Omega 3 family, for good brain development.
  • Zinc for normal growth.
  • An adapted protein content that takes into account other sources in your baby’s diet once he begins complementary feeding.
  • Lactoferrin, the second most abundant protein in breast milk, introduced for the first time in France in our Doucéa 2 formula.

Note: some formulas are also palm oil free. 

If your baby has specific needs 

If he regurgitates (spits up): thickened formulas exist. A formula containing a dual "starch + locust bean gum" thickener will make it thicker without modifying baby’s transit.  

If your baby has cow’s milk protein allergy: special infant formulas exist; in particular infant formulas made with vegetable protein hydrolysates (rice) or cow’s milk protein hydrolysates.  

But be careful: you shouldn’t change your baby’s formula too often! It’s important to ask your paediatrician for advice before making any change! 

Supermarket or pharmacy? 

The regulations are very (very) strict, both for formula milks distributed in the pharmacy and those sold in supermarkets. So, it’s up to you! However, some formulas aimed at babies with specific needs (regurgitation/reflux, allergy) are only sold in pharmacies.

Added bonus

Some formulas are made in France. The milk used in our powdered formulas, for example, is collected exclusively in Poitou-Charentes and Normandie, French regions known for the quality of their farming traditions and their respect for the environment and animal welfare. To take care of your baby, while also protecting the environment in which she will grow up and thrive. 

If you want your baby to benefit from lactoferrin, the second most abundant protein in breast milk, we recommend Doucéa 2, as we are the first manufacturer to have added it to our formula.