Le grignotage et la grossesse

Snacking during pregnancy

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A balanced diet for a healthy mum

A pregnant woman's diet is not very different from a normal diet. But it’s important to make sure that it is balanced, diversified and contains the right amounts of protein (well cooked), fats, carbohydrates and vitamins.
Below is an example – for guidance only – of the perfect menus for an ideal day:
• Breakfast: 1 slice of wholemeal bread with butter, fresh fruit, a yoghurt and a hot drink
• Lunch: lean meat or oily fish (make sure it is well cooked!) served with cooked vegetables and a drizzle of olive oil, a little bread, a yoghurt and fresh fruit or fruit purée
• Dinner: a fried egg served with salad leaves (properly washed!) and bread and butter, a yoghurt and fresh fruit or fruit purée

Divide up your food intake instead of increasing it

To prevent cravings and nausea, one solution is to divide up your meals: this doesn’t mean eating more by adding two snacks on top of your meals. It means making your meals lighter by dividing them. For example, the dairy product and the fruit can be kept to eat 2 hours after your meal!

Enjoying your food... the key to success!

It would be a shame to deny yourself the occasional treat, and then end up eating the whole chocolate bar at once instead of being satisfied with just one square! After all, a pregnant woman is first and foremost a woman: denying yourself sweet treats can lead to frustration. However pregnancy is no excuse to overdo the treats, although they must not be completely excluded either! A pregnant woman’s entire body has been disrupted and her metabolism is in the midst of a real hormone storm: give it time to find its new bearings. It should be remembered that it’s absolutely normal to gain weight during pregnancy and it’s important to continue to enjoy your food. This method of dividing up meals – balanced but without forgetting the food enjoyment factor – is genuinely effective to prevent cravings and stop you binging on chocolate! We’re sure you will like it!

Do you have cravings and feel the need to snack during your pregnancy? What foods do you crave?