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Since our beginnings, we have been building our expertise in collaboration with Healthcare Professionals while remaining very attentive to your needs. Indeed, you are the ones who feed your baby each day with our infant formulas and organic cereals. This is why we pay special attention to your opinions on our products. 



Lucie T

We decided to switch to Modilac because our older children had never had any problems. And bingo, life went back to normal again! Our baby went back to being the little angel she had been before starting mixed feeding. After that, I stopped breastfeeding completely and gave her formula only. Her dad was so happy to be able to give her a bottle. Now our little baby is 9 months old already and loves her Modilac Doucéa milk.

Sabah M

In terms of transit, my daughter digests it easily. The milk doesn’t go lumpy. I often add a little powdered cereal to give it a bit of flavour. But even without it, my daughter always finishes her bottle happily. Today she’s 20 months old and I still give her the same brand (Modilac Doucéa growing-up milk). The price is very reasonable. I have remained loyal to the brand because I’m very satisfied with it.

Krystel H

In addition to breastfeeding, I gave my daughter MODILAC DOUCÉA 2 and I never had any problems, no regurgitation or other issues. I was delighted with it, and so was my daughter.

Pauline O

Breastfeeding wasn’t always easy for me. To start with, my baby didn’t want to suckle. Then she wasn’t very eager but in the end we found our cruising speed and we were able to enjoy those treasured mother-daughter bonding moments. After 4 months, I wanted to try the bottle to prepare my baby for going to her child-minder. (...) And she loved her first bottle, finding it much less difficult than breastfeeding. So much so that she immediately categorically refused to feed from the breast. The problem was that I hadn’t stored up enough breast milk, not even for that first night. And so the battle began, with me waking up every two hours for a breast pump session. The stress of a distraught mother in all her splendour! 

I called my midwife who immediately recommended Modilac Doucéa 1st stage formula. I rushed out to the store and made up a bottle for Agathe the minute I got home. And then the miracle! After devouring her first bottle of formula, she calmed down straight away... and even asked for more! That was the start of our Modilac journey, and we’ve now been a team for 11 months, with no problems at all!


When Arthur was born I needed to find a formula to supplement breastfeeding because he got tired too quickly while nursing. My midwife recommended Modilac Doucéa. The formula has a very fluid texture, is complete and meets our requirements perfectly.


Camille has just turned 10 months old and we switched to Modilac Doucéa 2 when she was 6 months old. I was lucky enough to try this great product for a few weeks and Camille accepted it straight away. In fact, when I left the maternity, I had some Modilac and we wanted to get another brand to take over from breastfeeding. But Camille had reflux. So we switched back to Modilac and I’m delighted with it! No regurgitation, very little colic. This milk suits my baby perfectly! I’ve never had any problems with lumps with Doucéa 2, even when mixed with cereals.

If you’re a mum-to-be and you are hesitating about which formula to opt for, my advice is: go for it! 


I’m delighted and so is Ayden! I think it tastes really good and in terms of digestion, everything is fine. My baby doesn’t regurgitate. It has to be said that we tried several milks before we found the right one for us. I think it’s the same for everybody, especially when they are stopping breastfeeding. I could see my own milk reducing and I couldn’t find the right formula. I was getting a bit desperate, then I heard about this milk and I took the plunge! Since then everything has been going well and my baby takes his bottles.

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